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How to install 4-foot Shop Light Fixture

Hanging a 4 foot fluorescent light is the best way to fix small dark areas like Garages and outdoor sheds. It is called a shop light in the field sometimes. If you have anything larger, I would switch to 8 foot and use reflectors for added light density. Jack chain is best for hanging because it will adjust very easy. The cage protectors are only needed if you are worried about something hitting the fixture on a regular basis. Most of the time those are used in commercial/industrial environments.  The basic material I list at top of page is sometimes a bit off because I am looking at it that many devices can be installed more than one way.

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  1. Hi, I’m thinking of buying a set of power-line internet extenders, which will pass my internet from one building to another through in-wall electrical wires.

    Although the two buildings are very close (about 60 feet), the main feed for each comes from a breaker box outside, which receives it’s feed from a large power company transformer. I’m wondering if the wires leaving the breaker box to each house are connected in that box, so that the internet signal can travel from one building to the next uninterrupted?

    Is there a way I can plug a pair of testing devices into outlets in each building, in order to confirm the wires are connected? If so, what kind of testing device would this be?


  2. We are replacing a flourescent light in our kitchen, it is a recessed 4 foot light, that went out. We took out the old box and bought a new box and then hooked it up, the flourescent light goes on for about 1 second then goes out and stays out. Does the switch need replacing, we have changed the light fixture 3 times and it still is not working, it is attached to another light right next to it.

    • You need to make sure your fixture ground is connected to a true ground. The new fluorescents fixtures have to connect to ground since they use electronic ballast. They will work in commercial easier since commercial buildings are mostly made of steel but in residential a true ground wire directly from the main service ground is necessary for a electronic ballast.

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