How to install Garbage Disposal circuit

Hello, First thing you need is to gather your material. You need 12/2 romex, 20 amp breaker, proper tools, proper fittings on as needed basis. Then begin to route your romex from dishwasher to electrical breaker panel. The best way to run this wire is through floor but sometimes that is not possible. Routing through … Read more

How to install Exterior Doorway Lighting

Hello, Ask your question and if you experience any problems use the maintenance tips button to send me a quick note about it. Just put your email in and you will see where to report any problems(comment section). I should be able to send you a response back to your question pretty quick. Usually with … Read more

How to install Bedroom Duplex Receptacle circuit

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How to install Basement Lighting circuit

  There is really not much to say about how to physically pull romex, but there is much to say about where to lay and support romex. Pulling is easy but knowing where to lay it could be a very big problem. If not laid in a way it will not be damaged serious consequences … Read more

How to install 4-foot Shop Light Fixture

Hanging a 4 foot fluorescent light is the best way to fix small dark areas like Garages and outdoor sheds. It is called a shop light in the field sometimes. If you have anything larger, I would switch to 8 foot and use reflectors for added light density. Jack chain is best for hanging because … Read more