Neutral wire

Unbalanced loads are carried back thru white colored wires to the main neutral bar in the main breaker panel. (white is grounded-conductor). The unbalanced load is balanced while traveling thru the main breaker panel neutral bars out to the primary transformer and back. The ground or green wire carries overloads back through the grounding(green) part … Read more

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Hidden Electrical wiring problems

Hidden electrical wiring questions can be difficult to explain. Being we not able to visually inspect your project providing good pictures and documentation along with some troubleshooting skills is important. Must provide as many details as possible when conversing. Scheduling a service call with a Licensed Electrician may be the end result. If you have … Read more

Gas/Electric range-oven/cooktop conversion from electric to gas


Ideas for rewiring Gas to Electric oven 220V electric stove-top AKA (cook-top) has 110V electrical temp controls and 220V heat elements to heat and control the temp while you are cooking. Electric Cook-tops usually have 40-50-amp sized wiring. The breaker size should be sized according to the wire size. Register to ask questions. Electric cook-top … Read more

Flush mounted Exterior boxes in Brick


Hello, This is electrical wiring junction box information post with questions and answers. There are many types and many uses for j-boxes but choosing correct one always depends on what use is needed. The 4in. sq. metal box can be used both residential and commercial. The single-gang cut-in is the best for brick. If you … Read more

How to install Garbage Disposal circuit

Hello, First thing you need is to gather your material. You need 12/2 romex, 20 amp breaker, proper tools, proper fittings on as needed basis. Then begin to route your romex from dishwasher to electrical breaker panel. The best way to run this wire is through floor but sometimes that is not possible. Routing through … Read more

How to install Hallway Duplex Receptacle circuit

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