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Are you are stumped and you are on your residential wiring project? We can help! Whether you are at home installing your new light fixture or updating electrical device, we can help!  We can help you with free answers to your questions.

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Building electrical systems have been our business for over 25 years. We have always tried to answer customers questions about  our work. Because of that we learned later many customers came back. We continue to earn the trust using our time this way today.

Questions need to be about your home electric wiring. We would like for all persons to be at their project site when we begin and throughout our conversation.                                                                                           Troubleshooting can be difficult but it can also be very simple, try not to let yourself feel overwhelmed to quick. The main thing is to work in a safe manner, be conscientious of your surroundings. As work progresses if it becomes complicated and find yourself feeling overwhelmed take a break and decided if you need to call that expensive licensed electrician. If you do feel so unsafe that you cannot continue stop working and make that call.

I have been licensed many years for most types low/high voltage control work, smart systems, fire alarm systems, industrial electrical and mechanical controls, panel-board installation, load centers, breaker panel, remodels, generator installs. Commercial building wiring contractor, re-work old electrical systems to new and remodels. Maximized profits and full-filled schedules on a wide variety of projects: communications, cellular phone towers,  industrial, residential, mix commercial-residential, building systems maintenance. General contracting, Estimator, Master electrician and electrical contractor for 25 years and I feel comfortable but never safe when working around hot lines.

  helpful planning tips below for most any electric wiring installation:
  1. Carefully plan for your installation. if drawings are required use up to date city approved drawings with a city stamp.
  2. Plan your electrical lay out by measuring wire lengths before making any copper wire purchases. This will help you with any mistakes on the cost of copper wire.
  3. Managing material and labor cost daily during entire scope of project
  4. Safety – Keep your children  and pets away from all live wiring and non- live circuits. With open ceilings, walls, electrical boxes, put some plastic over doorways using nail strips. Keep all rooms closed off until you are sure you are finished and all boxes are closed.

Be safe and keep others safe!

Important: This site does not list instructions, we supply answers to questions the best we can being we are not physically at the property. We feel it is very important to let everyone know electrical work can be very dangerous and is not something anyone without training should be doing. We stress if you plan to follow any answers as instructions, do it at your own risk. We do not assume any liability as to how anyone interprets any answer written on this website. Keep in mind no answers here are meant as instructions. Every job has details not described in it’s answer and because of this danger could be involved.
uality electricians are in most every area if you feel you need to call.

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