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How to install Duplex Receptacle

Duplex receptacles are the most installed device in residential dwellings. Join then you can ask your questions.

Please have your project up and going.


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  1. Thank you for any help given
    I am attempting to do a stainless steel tiles back splash over the drywall in my kitchen. There’s (2) convenience outlets where the back splash is. Both outlet boxes are metal and they back up against a brick firewall. The boxes were originally installed by builder, house built 2006, boxes are shallow but roomy, single gang duplex, 12 awg on 20 amp circuit, bare wires are grounded to the boxes and gfci protected. The boxes also stick out about 1/4″ away from the drywall but i may be able to hide with over sized face plates. My question, is it safe to install a stainless steel metal back splash that will be touching the side (outside) portion only of the metal outlet box? All the connections are tight and the wires are well hidden and safely tucked away within the boxes.

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