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How to install Hanging Light Fixture Box


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There are many different type of hanging light fixtures. The main thing is to pay attention to the weight and adjust accordingly by buying the correct boxes. Just ask your supply house and they can let you know. If you have one and need some instruction I will be glad to help.


4 thoughts on “How to install Hanging Light Fixture Box”

  1. Hello, I couldn’t find an appropriate tag for my question. My problem involves replacing a 2-speed switch in an old floor fan. That is why I chose the tag, Switch Location.

    I have a Sears Kenmore floor fan from anywhere between the mid ’60s to mid ’70s. I just ordered a 2-speed replacement switch for it but I am not sure which wires go where.

    The fan has the following specs: 113 volts, 60 cycle, 1.2 amps. The fan has 2 speeds: Hi and Low with 2 OFF settings at each end.

    The wires inside are as follows, although, if I can send you a picture, it would be much clearer. There are two exposed wires coming from the motor; they are black and red. There is a 3rd wire that may have a white casing but it is old and dirty – it is connected to a wire in the AC cord. There is also a black, smaller wire coming from the AC cord, for a total of 3 exposed wires.

    The switch looks like a black plastic square with 4 holes for wires. It is held together with a metal clamp. It has a half-moon switch that sticks out at the top of the fan for the knob. I basically ordered a 2-way switch that looked identical to the original. Here is the switch that I ordered:

    I am not sure which holes the 3 wires plug in to. I didn’t get the switch through the mail yet but I am concerned that the holes will not be labeled and that no instructions will come with the switch. The original switch was not labeled.

    I have two really good pictures that clearly show the wires and the inside of the fan. Can you help me to install this switch properly? Thank you.

    • I really think you need to wait on the new one before you make any decisions on where the wires connect. The switch is simple and most likely will come with instructions for a simple hook up.

  2. how do I center a new electrical box in the wall when there is a stud exactly where I need to center my box for the fixture? Can I cut the stud? It is a non bearing wall.
    thanks!! Merry Chtistmas!

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