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Exterior surface mounted boxes


Any box mounted flat on any surface is called surface mounted fixture, device or box.

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  1. This is new construction in tampa. the exterior required recep’s are on the first floor block construction of a two story home. Can I go thru the wall on an interior side wall using a conduit for protection and tie into that rooms branch circuit or do I have to have them on a separate circuit (like the garage branch circuit) which means feeding them up thru an open space in the block then following the top plate and joist system then down the block to the next exterior box?

    • In most states you can not install any other device on the exterior GFCI circuit. Exterior GFCI have to be on a dedicated circuit. In Florida I do know they add to the NEC. And usually it is a large amount of additional code on top of the NEC code book, especially in south Florida. The concrete homes have hurricane code standards and some of them apply to where the romex can be run. I do know the romex can be no closer than so many inches to where the ceiling joist meet the exterior top-plate. And I think the romex has to be stapled to the ceiling joist and not the roof rafters. I am unsure about the space needed because I am not in Florida. You may need to get a copy of the current Florida electrical codes and standards. It may be online. I have a copy of the old Florida building codes but it has most likely changed since 2008.

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