Gas/Electric range-oven/cooktop conversion from electric to gas


Ideas for rewiring Gas to Electric oven 220V electric stove-top AKA (cook-top) has 110V electrical temp controls and 220V heat elements to heat and control the temp while you are cooking. Electric Cook-tops usually have 40-50-amp sized wiring. The breaker size should be sized according to the wire size. Register to ask questions. Electric cook-top … Read more

How to install Basement GFCI Receptacle circuit

Hello, If you have not registered then do so by clicking on N.E.C. code book on right side bar. If no sidebar is present then look below, tap to log-in an be redirected to register. Then just follow instructions. Please do not use the maintenance tips above to register. If you have already registered go … Read more

How to install 4-foot Shop Light Fixture

Hanging a 4 foot fluorescent light is the best way to fix small dark areas like Garages and outdoor sheds. It is called a shop light in the field sometimes. If you have anything larger, I would switch to 8 foot and use reflectors for added light density. Jack chain is best for hanging because … Read more