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Go Green And Save Money!

How to Use The Green Energy and Save a Lot of Money on The Electricity Bills


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Expert Author Sasa Sijak

You have heard about the green energy, but you are not sure how to use it in your household. It looks too complicated and you think that it involves a lot of investments. The truth is that you can make your own solar panels or wind generators and connect them to your electrical system. You can combine the usage of the grid power with the usage of your homemade solar panels and wind generators. This way you will make an independent energy system at your home.

1. Make Your Own Solar Panels

There are many online tips and solutions for making of cheap solar panels. There are different kinds of solar panels. Some of them are used to directly generate electricity and the others are used just to heat water. You can make those panels by ordering the main parts online and then assembling them at your home. It is easy and convenient, you just need to know how to connect the panels to your electrical grid. It is a good solution to connect batteries to your electrical system and let the panels charge those batteries. Solar energy is not constant and the power of sun is different on different weather conditions. You should charge the batteries and use them when the weather is cloudy. This is the first step to create a household that is completely independent in terms of energy.

2. Make Your Own Wind Power Generator

Building a windmill is very convenient and you can use the wind power to generate electrical energy for your household. All you need is a simple electrical generator that you can take out from an old car, washing machine or any other similar electric appliance. Making a turbine is easy, you just need to be creative. You can use the wood parts and other things that you have in your garage. Your turbine doesn’t need to be big. You need to know what are the wind conditions and you should make your turbine in a way that it can withstand the wind in your region. When you finish making the wind power generator, you can connect it to your household. It is good to use the turbine to charge the batteries.

3. Use Biomass at Home

The biomass is the term that is related to all of the parts of the plants that can be used to generate energy. You can use dried leaves, tree branches, wood and other form of biomass to generate electrical energy. You can get an efficient stove that will burn the biomass and heat your apartment.

Using green energy is not only a good way to save money. It is also a good way to protect your environment and make this world a better place. I hope you find these tips helpful and that you will do something to use the green energy.

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Sasa Sijak

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