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Free Answers to Your Electric wiring questions

Free Answers to Your home and equipment electric wiring questions

The Electric Answer Service

 ”We are here to help as you build”

If you are stumped and need free answers on a project or inherited a piece of equipment needing repairs, you might get your question answered here………

     Building electrical systems have been our business for over 25 years. We have always helped in answering electrical wiring and mechanical questions on the job and just to educate. We have earned the trust of many and we continue to have many positive and thankful commercial – residential customers. Here on this website you will get free electrical wiring help. Just ask your question to get your free answer. Type of questions we answer are directly related to your home electric wiring and HVAC troubleshooting I will be answered throughout each day. Some of the residential wiring components we give help with are sizing fuse box feeders and branch circuits, grounding issues, kitchen GFCI, ARC-FAULT breakers, bath GFCI, AFCI devices,  installation techniques and orderly troubleshooting help, ALL ANSWERED FREE! I am retired Licensed Master electrician, mechanical, HVAC contractor and solar certified. And qualified for most all types low/high voltage control work, smart fire alarm systems, industrial controls, mechanical controls, new breaker panel installs, remodels and home generators. These days due to the very slow economy, most the building contractors are doing whatever they can to include very small new-builds for small to medium-sized commercial, mixed residential – commercial, large commercial remodels, etc. The maintenance departments in industries still here and loyal to USA are needing help more than ever due to advancing technology. Most small to mid-sized local manufacturing companies do not pay for the education their maintenance personnel needs to efficiently maintain plant equipment. This is very hard to understand because it is known fact it reduces labor cost. I really do not understand how these companies expect any loyalty anymore. This just goes to show how out of touch these companies have been for decades. Anyway, if you are maintenance personnel, you are encouraged to ask questions.
Being an electrical contractor for 30 years forces you to be very thorough. The areas you normally wouldn’t give 10 minutes a month all of a sudden becomes all you think about 24 hours a day. How well we deal with labor cost determines the amount of money we create or the amount lost. And it can happen either way very quick. What we electrical contractors have to figure out is where our employees strengths are and use those strengths to make our estimates work accordingly.Then at the end of the job after everything gets inspected a nice big bonus will be waiting if everything went as planned…..Most every project we electrical contractors manage has to make sure the cost of each task completed is our actual labor cost put in out estimate. Managing a project for months is much different that managing one breakdown a day labor cost.
Maintenance shops have a completely different set of theories as to there expectations of there labor. These guys just focus on what is broke on there shift, fix that broken piece of equipment one piece at a time — plant mangers usual responsibility is to manufacture a certain something with a certain amount of money. Or just get that one piece of equipment back out on the floor.
These two categories of electricians have very different management level skill sets but very much the same in the complexity of these jobs. Both types of electricians still have labor cost and material cost. It makes it much easier for both if the cost never change, but that is never happens.
The Companies that are replacing old incandescent fixtures – bulbs with modern LED lighting fixtures are most likely bidding at volume prices because this can be done with these type of jobs. This type of work is good and it is slowly taking the load off existing electrical services in the older buildings throughout America. The generators inside these buildings require extensive checks by more highly trained electrician. So any building renter or home owner with standby generator or thinking on installing one, you are encouraged to ask questions from a local electrical contractor before you purchase. Please be close to your project and be prepared to answer the questions I ask. When asking your question, explain your electrical problem clearly and if possible use the electrical terms you understand.  Thanks for giving my site some of your time. I understand your time is valuable.
     We do not list any instructions on this site, we only answer the questions you ask the best we can and leave the answers posted for anyone to refer too. There are a couple of topics we address for safety reasons because I feel it is very important to let everyone know this type of business could be very dangerous and is not a game. Again, if you plan to follow any answers as instructions please be careful because the answers are not meant as instructions. When you receive answers to questions here and you feel you need more information, it may help to ask again with any additional questions you feel you need to ask.

Quality electricians are around your area, look for small business types. Most of the time, licensed small shop electricians are the most helpful, best experienced and might be “in person” on your scheduled service call.

          Some basic helpful planning tips below for most any home electric wiring installation:
  1. Carefully plan for your installation and if drawings are required use up to date city approved drawings with a city stamp.
  2. Plan your electrical lay out by measuring wire lengths before making any copper wire purchases. This will help you with any mistakes on the cost of copper wire.
  3. Managing material and labor cost daily during entire scope of project
  4. Safety – Keep your children  and pets away from all live wiring or non live circuits. While you have ceiling, walls  and electrical boxes open, put 6 mil plastic over doorways using nail strips. Keep all rooms closed off until you are sure your finished and all boxes closed.

be careful and keep others safe!

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