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If you are stumped while on a residential wiring project or working on a home electrical device needing maintenance or repairs, we can help by giving you free answers to your questions. Just make sure you register first. All you have to do is read this page and follow the links to get completed with registration.

Building electrical systems have been our business for over 25 years. We have always been open to answering electrical wiring and mechanical questions on and off the job. We have earned the trust of many and continue to gain many positive and thankful customers in both commercial and residential.

Here on this website we give free electrical wiring answers. The free answers are given to the ones that register and ask a question. The questions must be directly related to your home or commercial electric wiring. If needed, we will help you troubleshoot in order to get the answer that makes you comfortable. Re: residential wiring, we give help with sizing fuse box feeders, branch circuit sizing, grounding, kitchen wiring, GFCI, ARC-FAULT breakers, bathroom wiring, AFCI devices, installation techniques and orderly troubleshooting. All ANSWERED FREE! I am a retired Licensed Master Electrician along with having obtained necessary qualifications for HVAC, Mechanical  and Solar systems. I am qualified for most types low/high voltage control work, smart systems, fire alarm systems, industrial controls, mechanical controls, new breaker panel installs, remodels, home generator installs, along with complete commercial building wiring installations, etc. These days due to the economy, many building contractors are not picky. For example, some may choose to install new building wiring along with re-working the old. These choices can be made in order to maximize profit from a wide variety of projects. Some examples of such projects can be seen in residential remodels, new-builds, medium-sized commercial, mixed use residential/commercial and large commercial remodels, etc.

Being an electrical contractor for 30 years forces you to be very thorough in many areas. The areas you normally wouldn’t give 10 minutes a month are the things we think about 24 hours a day. How disciplined our supervisors are determines most of the money we create or the amount lost as a company. And it can happen either way very quick. Part of this discipline we electrical contractors have to figure out at the beginning of every job are where are our employees skills are best used, in the field or doing paperwork? Both skill sets and mindsets make our business work. Labor skill set strengths and weaknesses make or break our labor columns and mindsets skills can make or break our material cost. Our supervisors and estimators need good mindsets to keep up with material cost and the labor must have great skill sets to keep the labor cost in check. At the end of every job, if we have worked hard the money should work itself out. But if we lost track of any portion of the job things could be ugly at the end. The most important thing, no matter how the money works out all projects must pass final inspections. Every project outcome depends on how focused our supervisors stayed during the entire project. 

Maintenance department electricians have a completely different set of skills and rules when it comes to estimates. These guys focus on what is broken at the moment. To fix the broken piece of equipment one piece at a time are their primary goals of the day. To get that one piece of equipment back out on the floor is all that matters as long as the line keeps producing. The cost of the repairs and/or man hours used are irrelevant. The only focus on labor is making sure enough men are always on hand to guarantee the plant stays in production at all times. Construction and maintenance electricians use different skill sets.

There are many more types of electrical businesses to get into. The technology at the time dictates the types. Some are:

  • Companies that are replacing old incandescent fixtures w/LED bulbs
  • modern lighting landscape designs
  • bidding at volume prices for discount sales
  • lowering the power load of existing electrical services
  • Installing power generator sets outside green buildings

We do not list any instructions on this site, we only answer the questions you ask the best we can and leave the answers posted for anyone to refer to. There are a couple of topics we address for safety reasons. We feel it is very important to let everyone know this type of business could be very dangerous and is not a game. Again, if you plan to follow any answers as instructions please be careful because the answers are not meant as instructions. If you feel you need more information, it may help to ask again with any additional questions you feel you need to ask.

Quality electricians are around your area, look for small business types. Most of the time, licensed small shop electricians are the most helpful, experienced and might be “in person” on your scheduled service call.

          Some basic helpful planning tips below for most any home electric wiring installation:
  1. Carefully plan for your installation and if drawings are required use up to date city approved drawings with a city stamp.
  2. Plan your electrical lay out by measuring wire lengths before making any copper wire purchases. This will help you with any mistakes on the cost of copper wire.
  3. Managing material and labor cost daily during entire scope of project
  4. Safety – Keep your children  and pets away from all live wiring and non- live circuits. While you have ceiling, walls  and electrical boxes open, put 6 mil (a mil is one thousandths of an inch) plastic over doorways using nail strips. Keep all rooms closed off until you are sure you are finished and all boxes are closed.

be careful and keep others safe!

  • Challenge yourself!

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