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Electrical Answers an Questions – “Before you Hire”

Free Answers to Your electric wiring questions

Free Answers to Your home and equipment electric wiring questions

Electric Answer Service

 ”We are here to help as you build”

I will strive to answer your electrical wiring/mechanical questions here on this site.  I have always been helpful Service contractor with many positive and thankful commercial and residential customers. You can get Free Answers to your home electric wiring questions with help sizing your fuse box circuits along with Kitchen, Bath GFCI questions here, all answered Free.  I am semi-retired licensed electrical contractor, solar certified and HVAC contractor for most all types repairs  and remodels. These days I am mostly not to busy, used to be very busy with many medium-small commercial and residential projects, service work, home generators, maintenance contracts, small electric add-ons, shopping centers and so on. If you are stumped and need some advice on a project or piece of equipment you have inherited, you might get your electrical questions answered here. I will try to keep from asking you to narrow your problem down yourself. I will try to give you pointers so you can get to the root of the issue.  Just be patient for free answers as we may be busy. We now have more time to answer questions daily. There are a few good electrical question answer sites on the net. But if you like, feel free to look around our site and see if you find what you are looking for and thanks for giving the site some of your time. I know your time is valuable these days. We do not list any instructions on this site, we only answer the questions you ask the best we can and leave the answers posted for anyone to refer too. There are a couple of topics we wrote about for safety reasons because i feel it is very important to let everyone know this type of business can be very dangerous and is not a game. Again, if you plan to follow any answers as instructions please be careful because the answers are not meant to be instructions. Anyone posting must be 18 years old or older but anyone can read.

In general,

  • Maybe we can help you get your project completed, as you build and get answers to questions here.
  • FYI, quality electricians can be found around your area, look for small business types. Most of the time, licensed small shop electricians are the most helpful, best experienced and might be “in person” on your scheduled service call.
Some helpful planning tips for most any home electric wiring installation, this is very basic:
  1. Installation pre-planning and up to date approved drawings
  2. Planning of the electrical lay out prior to making wire measurements. This will help you with any mistakes on copper wire cost.
  3. Managing material cost prior to starting
  4. Safety – Keeping your children  and pets away from all live or non live circuits while you have ceiling, walls  and electrical boxes open. Put some 6mil plastic over doorways using nail strips. Keep all rooms closed off until you are sure your finished.
  • We realize you most likely working on a project yourself, be careful!
  • Challenge yourself!

CLICK below to be directed to view existing Answers and Questions, thanks and please understand by clinking to view any answers to questions you will not hold us responsible for any electrical wiring we have not installed.

Answers to questions Page one

Answers to Questions Page two

Look for answers here. Feel free to read all you want and if you want to ask a question go to the appropriate page. Click Here

I plan to keep this from becoming a public forum so you can continue to get answers directly from a licensed electrician.
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