Save Time & Money By Hiring Local Licensed Master Electrician

Hiring a Professional Master electrician can be expensive and is often the reason people try doing their own electric wiring themselves. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly results of these efforts. Small home circuits repairs and routing are the most a person should attempt without some help from licensed individual. It is … Read more

Electrical Answers, questions and conversation pieces

Get solar installed and Save Here in the backward world we have to think backwards to understand our future. The amount of energy we will be consuming in our lifetime is directly related to our retirement. Power companies have risen electric prices for their own benefit not yours. How can we save money now by … Read more

What Determines the Cost of Re-Wiring a House?

What costs are involved these days in re-wiring a house? The answer to this is much different today than it was in the days of old knob and tube wiring. Specifics such as geographical location, size of the house, number of outlets, etc… all play a significant role in the overall cost of any remodeling … Read more