Passionate About Fair Treatment of General Public

How do customers feel about passionate electricians? My experience is vast and if every customer had the choice they would not have it any other way.
How would they feel about expertly trained journeyman electrician servicing their home? How would they feel about paying expert driving brand new truck compared to paying someone driving equal looking truck but much less experience? This would end up much different result. I think its a disgrace and dangerous to general public how some states think lower testing standards of candidates is ok. OK for who?

List of states who lowered testing standards opening the door for lesser trained candidates desiring Electrical Contractors License

  • Tennessee lowered original testing standards in 1980’s due to candidates unable to past the standard test in place for 20years prior. This is the number one disgraced state. Now the public is dealing with very low quality electrical work. And it has forced many fully trained electricians to leave the state moving to other states. This lower standard caused many problems for everyone in Tennessee. Would you feel safe if you lived in a state that lowered its contractors testing standards?

Comment below and list how corrupt your state has become! Let us know the states who created shortcuts allowing lesser trained individuals to work in your family home around your family.

Lets not go on about the unfairly licensed individual with contractors license. Lets talk about how they have been taught in State setup classroom how to pass their contractors exams. Also tips how to modify their experience unfairly on their initial application. Testing how to pass the now open book exam are some states goal. Started off closed book exam as it should be, not normal to see your books while testing. How does a teacher test your knowledge? States letting lesser trained individuals submit dishonest applications pass internal checks initially has become epidemic too and consumers have no idea. State sponsored cheating has been going on with contractors licensing boards so long standards do not even exist anymore. Illegal migration has made this much worse than being reported. The vast experience of a truely trained Master electrician can bring to the table much more professional pleasant results to the table. Customers are almost totally unfamiliar anymore with professional contractors. Anymore you most likely end up with handymen working as a electrical contractor or general contractor in your home. No background checks on these guys. Believe it or not this is all sanctioned by many states. Is it safe while they work in your residence anymore. Check your standards in your state before hiring, ask that question here! We can help you investigate your home state licensing standards.

TIP, this is BIG hint! There is more to watch but when sworn affidavit are not required by a state to be submitted along with proof of experience/education by the applicants watch out!

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